What is the Many Lights Foundation?
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that cares about our children and their future as well as the communities where they live.

What is Hope Lights Community?
Hope Lights Community is the way we will deliver on our mission. It is a multigenerational community where children, kinship and foster-to-adopt families, and seniors facing the challenges of aging live together in a supportive and well-bonded community.

What does multigenerational mean?
Multigenerational simply means multiple generations. At Hope Lights, elders, adults, and children deliberately choose to create and live in a purposeful community that benefits all. It is a concept so old it is new again.

Are there other multigenerational communities?
Yes. Similar communities are already thriving in the United States. The first of its kind, and our inspiration, is Hope Meadows in Illinois which has been successful since 1994. Others include Treehouse in Massachusetts, New Life Village in Florida, and Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon. We intend to replicate these models of success in the Puget Sound region and to create the first of its kind in Washington State.

Who will live at Hope Lights?
Hope Lights will have homes for families with high-risk children adopted from foster care or those in kinship care and residences for mostly low-income seniors.

How is Hope Lights different than other solutions?
The most unique difference is that this community is focused on creating an environment where vulnerable children can grow into fully functioning, happy adults. Parents provide permanent and stable families and elders play a vital role by guiding both children and adults. In the end, every person in Hope Lights Community benefits from the other.

Glossary of Terms