About Children in Kinship and Foster Care

Children find themselves living in kinship and foster care through no fault of their own. There are many stories but usually someone else couldn’t care for them properly or abandoned, abused, or neglected them.

They are torn from the only family they have known, are frequently and repeatedly moved from one home to the next, separated from siblings, and are disrupted from schooling. These are traumatic experiences that affect them developmentally, physically and mentally,

An alarming number are faced with poor prospects of placement in a permanent home because of their age, race or behavior problems.  

All too often these children are given a childhood sentence that separates them from their families and moves them to multiple foster homes then on to residential care facility until they age out of the system at age 18. 

Many simply want a family where they belong and are loved. We want to help provide them with their forever family in a loving community where they can heal and thrive.