Reduce My Stress Now

We all experience it in one way or another. The effects of negative stressors in our lives are cumulative. Diabetes, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, child abuse — all are linked to stress.

Recognize the Signs of Stress
Holding your breath or shallow breathing
Feelings of anger and frustration
Lashing out at a friend, colleague or loved one
Hollering or yelling
Overeating or stuffing down food
Eating quickly with very shallow breathing
Tightness in your jaw, throat or chest*

*If feelings of tightness get worse or don’t go away, listen to these signs. Call 911 and get help!

How to Get Immediate Relief

Acknowledge you are feeling stressed
Give yourself the gift of a break
> Stop what you are doing (safely)
> Take a deep breath
> Take another deep breath
> Close your eyes and take 5 to 10 deep cleansing breaths
> Allow thoughts or feelings to come and go as you breathe
> Keep breathing until you feel better

How to Get Longer Lasting Relief
Listen to music
Open your arms up to the sky and breathe deeply
Walk regularly
Practice quiet mindfulness 5-10 minutes each day
Call a friend or loved one who cares about you
Watch a funny movie or show that makes you laugh
Practice laughing out loud
Smile more often
Look in the mirror and say I love you to you
Practice positive self-talk
Find a favorite song, verse, or spiritual practice to enjoy

Get other fun tips in the Reduce My Stress NOW_Handout.