GiveBIG 2017


Now, more than ever, you can make an impact. GiveBIG is the day when the entire Greater Seattle region comes together to support the nonprofits that make our community a stronger, more vibrant place for all. It is a tremendous opportunity to collectively invest in the impactful and inspiring nonprofits that are such a critical part of our region’s fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is GiveBIG 2017?
GiveBIG 2017 will be on Wednesday, May 10 from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time).

What has changed this year?
•  Dollars for Change: This new program will replace the stretch pool and the golden ticket from previous years. The purpose is to give smaller organizations like Many Lights better opportunity to benefit from the generous GiveBIG sponsors.
Matching Grant: Our Board of Directors has generously donated a $4,000 matching grant. Once we reach $4,000 in donations, those gifts will be matched and the impact of your gift increased.

What is Dollars for Change?
Dollars for Change is a new donor-driven effort that will award more than $350,000 to participating King County nonprofits. Using a computer-generated selection process, donors will be chosen to have their contribution to an organization generously boosted with a $2,500 award. Dollars for Change will benefit nonprofits of all sizes, but will place a greater emphasis on small- and mid-sized organizations. This structure aims to bring greater equity in the distribution of additional dollars.

How does the Matching Grant work?
As online gifts roll in throughout the day, the matching gift meter on our GiveBIG page will countdown the amount needed to realize our match. Once Many Lights receives $4,000 in donations, all donations up to the amount of the matching grant will be matched dollar-for-dollar. This is a 100% match! If donations surpass the 4K mark, the average match percentage will still be greater than the stretch amount from previous years.

What methods of payment are accepted?
GiveBIG donations must be made by credit card through the GiveBIG website. These are the only donations that will be counted towards the match goal and the only donations eligible for Dollars for Change.

Where can I learn more about GiveBIG?
Learn more at the GiveBIG Seattle website.

When and where can I make my GiveBIG donation?
You may make your GiveBIG donation anytime between 12 midnight and 11:59 p.m. on May 10. You can also schedule your donation in advance and it will process early in the morning of May 10. Schedule or make your GiveBIG donation via the Many Lights profile: