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An Alternative to Senior Living

It is no secret that aging comes with a host of challenges. Our health may decline, our families may or may not live close by, and we can find ourselves faced with loneliness and lack of connection. Senior communities have been a standard in previous years yet for many of the baby boomer generation this … Continue reading

There is a Silver Tsunami coming!

You may have seen this staggering fact in the news — for the next 18 years, 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day. Experts nationwide are calling this the Silver Tsunami and communities are working to prepare for its impact on our society including shortages in affordable housing for seniors.    Consider these facts from the … Continue reading

Spotlight on Foster Care

Stability and permanence. Take a moment to reflect upon what these mean for you.  It probably means something different for everyone. Perhaps for you it is having a stable job, a solid and loving family, a permanent place to call home. For many children across the United States, the truth is stability and permanence are … Continue reading

Tacoma Bound

We have identified potential land for Hope Lights Community in Tacoma and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tacoma Housing Authority and Guardian Real Estate Services! This is not a formal contract but is a great accomplishment and a milestone in our progress. What this means is that we have agreed to partner with … Continue reading

Spotlight on Kinship Care

Kinship care, sometimes referred to as relative care, is when children are living with and being raised by family members other than their birth parents. Uncles and aunts are caring for nephews and nieces, cousins look after cousins, and grandparents are bringing up their grandchildren. This is a way of life for thousands of families … Continue reading