Together, with the varied support of those in our community, we will bring about meaningful change for children, their forever families, and seniors. Thank you to our friends who are helping lay the groundwork for Hope Lights neighborhood.

Grants and Other Support
501 Commons
Gunzenhauser-Chapin Find
Lynn R. & Karl E. Prickett Fund
PJR Consulting
Revolution Innovation Studios/Art Institute
Walsh Construction Company Foundation
Seattle Foundation

Bridge Meadows
Carleton Hart Architects
Casey Family Programs
Foster Support Faith Alliance
Generations of Hope Development Corporation
Tacoma Housing Authority

Letters of Support
Amara Parenting
Attorney General, Bob Ferguson
City of Tacoma, Victoria Woodards
Comprehensive Life Resources
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), H. Hauptman
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), J. Strus
Former Attorney General, Rob McKenna
Former King County Sheriff, Sue Rahr
Generations of Hope Development Corporation, Brenda Eheart
Pacific Lutheran, School of Nursing
Tacoma Housing Authority

Child Welfare Advocacy Coalition (CWAC)
Children’s Mental Health Workgroup
King County Kinship Collaboration
Lifespan Respite Washington
Pierce County Kinship Advocates
Project Child Success
Washington Association for Children and Families

Past Sponsors

Strong-Bridge LLC
Peak Creative Media
Walsh Construction Co.
PEMCO Insurance
Banyan Branch
Carleton Hart Architecture
Guardian Real Estate Services LLC
Organizational Research Services
Trunk Properties, Inc.