While planning for the Hope Lights multigenerational neighborhood is underway, we are providing programs and services that enhance educational opportunities for children and connect them with older adults so all may thrive.

Literacy-based Mentoring Program

Across the Generations is an Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring program for kids in grades K through 4. A child who is adopted, or experiencing foster or kinship care, is paired with a trauma-informed grand-mentor tutor to help improve their reading and overall literacy and provide a stable presence in the child’s life. We are currently seeking funding and hope to launch this program in the next school year.

STEAM Programs

STEAM programs will offer educational and experiential opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics for our underserved children and youth in foster, kinship, or adoptive families.

StoryTime: Spoken word performances for children and families in underserved schools and groups in King and Pierce Counties. Weaving folktales, African-American, Northwest, and other historical tales, our professional storyteller is entertaining and informative. A question and answer session after the performance allows the audience to share their personal discoveries through the art of storytelling. StoryTime Flyer (pdf)

Learn to Code: A workshop for children ages 12-18 who have family experience with foster, adoptive, or relative care.  During this four-hour workshop, kids work with professional developers on their own coding project to gain a basic understanding of software development. Laptop computers are provided and set up with all the tools needed. Our first workshop, sponsored by West Monroe Partners, BECU, and QBSI, was held in April of 2019.

Respite and Wellness Programs

Programs that promote improved mental health, healing, and well-being:

Quiet Time: An in-school Transcendental Mediation program for middle and high schoolers. (In development for 2020.)

Camp or Equestrian Assisted Learning: Peer groups assisted with therapists and horses. (In development for 2020.)