One Stop WA

Adoption is not an event; it’s a lifelong journey. Washington’s adoptive families need and deserve the resources to preserve their often inherently fragile families. We want to preserve ALL Washington’s families and help them thrive! One Stop WA will provide the additional support adoptive and guardian families need.

We request that Washington State fund One Stop WA, a centralized resource dedicated to supporting adoptive families, to help close service gaps and provide critical help and information for families.

One Stop WA would be staffed by professionals who will answer questions and provide empathic support to families before they get into crisis. If provided by Parent Trust for Washington Children, this expansion of their existing services will be an effective and affordable investment that strengthens these families and keeps them together. We urge you to help keep Washington’s families strong.

Tell us your story of how additional resources could help you as an adoptive or guardianship parent.

Support One Stop WA, a resource for Washington’s adoptive and guardian families, a centralized, comprehensive and statewide resource that will provide information, referrals and support to strengthen families. 

One Stop WA  is a combined effort of Many Lights Foundation, Post-Adoption Support Coalition, and Parent Trust. For complete details, continue reading below.

For more information contact:
Linda McDaniels, 206-223-0156 ext 224,
Helen Lakeru, 253-267-7022,

The Problem: Adoptive families and children need support and services, most urgently in the form of information and referrals. More than 9,000 Washington families care for children they have adopted. While these families receive support and guidance before and during the adoption process, they are often left on their own after the adoption is finalized. These often-traumatized children do not magically get “better” once adopted.

A 2013-2014 survey of Washington adoptive families found that:

  • One-third of families could not access at least one service they needed or the service they received was not beneficial.
  • Half of families had difficulty finding information about how to best care for their child.

Service gaps identified include:

  • Information on available services.
  • Services for children whose disabilities, behaviors, mental health or history significantly impact their daily functioning.
  • A coordinator or resource to help connect families to resources and services.

The Solution: “One Stop WA”, a resource dedicated to adoptive families and children. Benefits of One Stop WA include:

  • Prevention of disruption and dissolution. Adoptions that do disrupt or dissolve create the possibility that a child may enter or reenter foster care. Dissolutions result in high financial and emotional costs. Research provides support for the connection between adoption stability and post-adoption services.
  • Help adoptive families and children through all of their stages. Post-adoption support services help strengthen families and work through past trauma, grief, and loss. Services help families overcome expected and unexpected challenges.
  • Recruitment of adoptive families. Post-adoption supports, subsidies and services affect prospective adoptive parents’ decision to adopt.