Respite Voucher Program


If you are an unpaid caregiver that provides 40 or more hours a week of care/support, you may be eligible for help through Lifespan Respite Washington.

Lifespan Respite Washington:

  • Offers vouchers for unpaid caregivers to take much-needed breaks from the demands of caregiving.
  • Provides vouchers for up to $1,000 to pay for respite services with contracted agencies.
  • Can assist you through the application process and answer your questions.


  • An unpaid caregiver
  • Provide 40 or more hours a week of care/support
  • Caregiver or the person cared for is not enrolled in a respite or Medicaid personal care program
  • Live in Washington State.

What to Expect:

  1. Complete an Application
  2. Receive approval
  3. Choose a qualified respite provider
  4. Complete a Family Caregiver Agreement form if applicable
  5. Receive Authorization from Lifespan Respite WA
  6. Take the respite break

Types of Respite Care:

  • In-home respite (e.g., home care agency)
  • Center-based day respite (e.g., adult day services)
  • Community access respite (individual or group activities)
  • Out of home respite care (camps)

Lifespan Respite WA
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425.740.3788, 1.800.422.2024

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