On behalf of adoptive, kinship, and guardian families in Washington State, Many Lights has formed a Post-Adoption Support Advocacy Coalition in order to strengthen and improve post-adoption services.

Our goals are to keep children and families intact and out of the child welfare system and to increase awareness and knowledge of family therapy and its value.

We support Washington families so that they may:

  • Achieve permanency
  • Raise children to realize their full potential
  • Have access to essential and effective post-adoption services

This group will analyze the effectiveness and accessibility of post-adoption services in Washington State, identify areas for improvement, prioritize top goals, and engage with select projects in order to improve services.

“The goal is to broaden the understanding of this critical issue by the public, professionals and policymakers – and to promote a commensurate realignment of state and national priorities and resources – so that effective, accessible supports for sustaining and strengthening adoptive families become a routine, ongoing reality. The bottom line is that best practices should entail not only helping to form families, but also enabling them to succeed.” (From “Keeping the Promise”, 2010, Donaldson Institute.)

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