Many Lights Foundation is working
to build a community with a purpose.

We believe that a community of caring, connected, and empowered individuals can heal and enrich each other’s lives. Rather than relying solely on outside services, the community and its residents are part of the solution. Many Lights’ staff, volunteers and social service partners guide, rather than govern, the community in forming healthy, supportive relationships with one another. Our impact is finding forever families for traumatized children and stopping the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Stability and Permanence for Children

Children placed in foster care frequently come from an environment of abuse and neglect. They are often separated from their siblings and moved from one foster home to another. Many have difficulty finding a place to belong. Our goal is to provide a forever family in a loving community where they can heal and thrive.

Support for Kinship and Adoptive Families

Parents who adopt children in need of a permanent home and family often find themselves with unique challenges. In order to give the children what they need, the parents often need support themselves. At Hope Lights, adoptive parents get that support from the families, elders, and community around them.

Purpose and Meaning for Seniors

In our culture, older adults are at risk of being isolated and lonely. At Hope Lights, their knowledge and wisdom is invaluable for the parents and children who live alongside them. As honorary grandparents, their consistent day-to-day involvement influences the healthy development of Hope Lights’ children.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.