It’s Story Time!

ManyLightsStoryTimeFPAWSStory Time with Ms. Eva is a new program from Many Lights that teaches children valuable lessons through the art of spoken word. The stories, though intended for the kids, have been entertaining, educational, and motivational for parents too. One, in particular, a soothing balm for kinship parents. Kids of ALL ages love Ms. Eva and her stories filled with wisdom.

To mark National Foster Care Month, Story Time made its debut at the FPAWS Conference on May 4th. Since then, a number of kinship groups in King County have been warmed by Eva’s tales of determination, friendship, and compassion. And, in June, students at Boze Elementary in Pierce County will benefit as well.

Thanks to contributions from Many Lights supporters, kids in our local communities are learning meaningful lessons through the magic of storytelling. This year, with their support, we will have helped make a positive impression on more than 500 children!

This program is one we want to keep offering in our schools, community groups, and at Hope Lights neighborhood. Individual donations are needed to keep programs like Story Time with Ms. Eva alive.

Please show your support of this and our other STEAM programs through a generous contribution today. Your gift will help us do the work needed to bring educational opportunity to the foster, kinship, and adoptive kids we serve.