PBJs and Mad Libs

LTC EmailOur first LEARN TO CODE workshop was a big success! Nine youths from different family situations had the benefit of one-on-one coaching with talented programmers and developers. It was a great day with full-hearted giving by West Monroe Partners’ volunteers, engaged parents, and eager kids. 

And, who knew? PB&Js are a great way to learn how to code. The kids wrote instructions, a.k.a. code, for how to make sandwiches. The teachers then built PBJs using their “code”. It was a good lesson in communicating thoughts and ideas because peanut butter in the wrong place can be a bit of a problem.

While the kids worked to code an online version of Mad Libs, parents gathered to learn about protecting their kids while using social media. Part of their lesson was what social acronyms like POS mean. It’s not what you might think and is worth learning if you’re a parent.

The kids left with brand new laptops compliments of West Monroe Partners and another donor. The greatest gift of the day was seeing our kids focused, determined, confident, and amazingly capable writing code. We imagine it a launch pad for bright futures!

Corporate sponsors West Monroe Partners, BECU, and QBSI were critical in making this workshop happen. Individual donors contributed too with laptop cases, books, and photos of the day plus their time as volunteers.

We plan to deliver more opportunities like this to kids who have foster, kinship, and adoptive families. We want to help them expand their horizons and provide tools of all kinds to help them succeed.

If LEARN TO CODE is something you would like us to deliver to kids again, please let us know and make a donation today.