A Gift of Connection

A Gift of Connection

As a child, did you have an older person who was special to you or helped guide you? As an adult, have you ever taken a young person under your wing? If so, you understand there is a connection between a mentor and a child that is meaningful and unique. The comfort and enhanced self-worth that can come from such a relationship are invaluable — for a child and an older adult!

Intergenerational relationships help us all become whole, well-developed individuals and have a positive impact for a lifetime. For children who have experienced foster care and trauma, the comfort and security of a stable adult relationship rebuilds trust and confidence that have been destroyed. For older adults, many who live alone or are far from their own children and grandchildren, connection with young people gives them a sense of purpose and improves their mental and physical health and overall well-being.

Without meaningful connection and support, we are all at risk of adverse life experiences. For young people who have experienced trauma, this can be addiction, incarceration, and abuse but the list goes on. Older adults who experience isolation and loneliness are at greater risk for illnesses such as depression and dementia.

We are building relationships that improve the lives of our children and our elders and help them avoid the risks they face. With neighborhood activities, and intergenerational programs like Across the Generations mentoring, we will make the connections that lay a foundation for a better future our foster, adoptive, and kinship children and that help our older adults thrive too.

Many Lights is about coming together to create community for others who need our help. We are asking for your help to create connection among our kids and older adults.

Please donate today and know that you have helped make real connections that create lasting impact.

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