A Gift of Education

Let us paint a picture … a child in foster care is ripped from his family and loses connection with the only friends he’s ever known. He moves so often to different foster homes that he’s confused, he has no idea who he is living with or where. These moves also mean a change of school and missed classroom time.

There is a strong association with early childhood traumatic experiences and below average language, literacy, and math skills. Compared to other kids requiring special education, youth in foster care have lower grade point averages, changed schools more frequently, had fewer credits toward graduation, and had lower scores on state testing than youth in general education. The challenges they face contribute to high-school graduation rates that are half that of their peers.

You can improve outcomes for children who deserve a better chance at life.

Our Across the Generations program will connect foster, adoptive, and kinship children with a grand-mentor — a trauma-informed adult who will teach the kids to read and love reading. Trauma training will help our mentors understand what these children have experienced and the hurdles ahead of them. This special one-on-one literacy-based mentoring with an older adult will provide a base of foundational reading skills for vulnerable children in K through 4th grade.

Children and youth do better when given the right support. Many Lights wants to provide this support so our children can get on track and thrive. In schools where older adults are a regular fixture, children have more improved reading scores compared to their peers at other schools. We’ll be following the Oasis Intergenerational model which has excellent outcomes with 92% of teachers reporting improved academic achievement in Oasis tutored students, a 94% improved attitude toward language arts, and 96% improved confidence and self-esteem. This is a proven model that works.

We need community support to create this literacy-based mentoring program designed specifically for kids who have experienced trauma. Please make your contribution to help us create better educational outcomes for kids in foster care.

Feel good knowing your donation makes a difference by giving a gift of education to a child who has had a tough start in life and has many challenges ahead.

Donate onlineor text CREATEHOPE to 44321 to make your donation.

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