Advocating for Post-Adoption Support in WA

As spearhead of the Post-Adoption Support Coalition, Many Lights is advocating for increased services and support on behalf of families adopting children from foster care. These children and families need help beyond the financial assistance they may receive during the adoption process. They need information, resources, and referrals to help them for years to come because adoption is not an event, it is a lifelong journey.

The Child Welfare Advocacy Coalition (CWAC)* has agreed that creation of a comprehensive centralized resource for all adoptive families in Washington State is one of their priority issues for 2016. As a member of CWAC, Many Lights will be leading the charge with the power of over 50 organizations standing behind us. We will be working to raise awareness of this need among legislators, to find a legislative champion, and to make the voices of adoptive families heard.

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*The Child Welfare Advocacy Coalition (CWAC), brings together over 50 organizations from across Washington State in order to present a united voice for child welfare system reform to the state legislature and executive branch. CWAC works to ensure that policy reforms are shaped by the voice of the children, youth and families they impact, and views every decision through the lens of addressing racial disproportionality, gender equality and the best interests of children and families.