An Alternative to Senior Living

It is no secret that aging comes with a host of challenges. Our health may decline, our families may or may not live close by, and we can find ourselves faced with loneliness and lack of connection.

Senior communities have been a standard in previous years yet for many of the baby boomer generation this lifestyle is not affordable. And, with the continuing wave of the Silver Tsunami, senior housing will become less available and even more expensive. This is forcing communities and organizations nationwide to look for other solutions.

Also, many boomers find they don’t want to live in senior communities. They want to remain in their own home and continue to live in a community that is as vibrant as they are. They want to remain connected and are looking for other solutions too.

Hope Lights Community is an example of a creative solution that keeps seniors connected in a way that also positively affects parents and families, including children of foster and kinship care. Elders serve as honorary grandparents to the children and support the parents raising them.

There are opportunities to connect formally, through planned events, and informally through the deepening of relationships that naturally develop. As a result, the community supports its elders as much as the elders support the kids and families.

The benefits to seniors in the Hope Lights Community include a continued sense of connection to younger generations, a chance to enhance the life of a child or children, and opportunities to live a joyful life full of purpose and meaning.

Many Lights Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the pain of abuse and neglect for children living in kinship and foster care by providing them with permanent homes in a multigenerational neighborhood called Hope Lights Community. To volunteer, donate, or learn more, visit us at