There is a Silver Tsunami coming!

You may have seen this staggering fact in the news — for the next 18 years, 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day. Experts nationwide are calling this the Silver Tsunami and communities are working to prepare for its impact on our society including shortages in affordable housing for seniors.   

Consider these facts from the University of Alabama:

  • 76 million Americans were born between 1945 and 1964
  • The first of the baby boomers turned 65 in 2011
  • The number of people 65 and older will double between 2010 and 2050
  • The number of people 85 and older will increase four fold

The good news is that many boomers will live active lives well into their 80s and 90s and will want to remain engaged in a vibrant life. For many the idea of senior living is unappealing and even unaffordable. They are looking for other ways to spend their later years and are coming up with new solutions.

Hope Lights is an example of a unique approach that offers new solutions to the challenges we face as we age. Most notably, elders live in their own home among youthful adults and children who love and support them. They contribute to those around them and live a life with purpose and meaning. 

Many Lights Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the pain of abuse and neglect for children living in kinship and foster care by providing them with permanent homes in a multigenerational neighborhood called Hope Lights Community. To volunteer, donate, or learn more, visit us at