Tacoma Bound

We have identified potential land for Hope Lights Community in Tacoma and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tacoma Housing Authority and Guardian Real Estate Services! This is not a formal contract but is a great accomplishment and a milestone in our progress.

What this means is that we have agreed to partner with these agencies to identify potential land opportunities for building our multigenerational community. Although there are still many details to discuss, we are excited to have identified a potential plot of land in a wonderful neighborhood located in Tacoma.

The land is the perfect size to accommodate our plan for family homes and elder units, a community center, shared green spaces and play areas. It is situated next to a beautiful community park that has a large grass field, picnic areas, and a community pool. The property is also located near a convenient bus line and a variety of schools for the children to attend.

We are thrilled about these developments and look forward to what the future holds for Hope Lights and the children, parents, and elders we are on a mission to support.

Many Lights Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the pain of abuse and neglect for children living in kinship and foster care by providing them with permanent homes in a multigenerational neighborhood called Hope Lights Community. To volunteer, donate, or learn more, visit us at www.manylights.org.