Spotlight on Multigenerational Families

In the United States multigenerational households are on the rise. These families come in all shapes and sizes and often overlap with kinship care because grandparents raising grandchildren are common to both.

Types of multigenerational households include:

Three-generation households include working age adults, their children, and either parents or grandchildren. These are the most typical families.

Grand family households are led by older adults who live with grandchildren under 18 and are increasingly common.

Skipped generation households are homes in which a child lives with their grandparent(s) and not with their parents.

In 2010, 37,371 children in Washington State lived in grand family homes where grandparents were responsible for them. 15,130 of these children were part of skipped generation households.

These families need our help and support. Many Lights intends to give it through Hope Lights community.

Find out more about multigenerational households at Generations United.

Sources: GrandFacts: State fact sheets for grandparents and other relatives raising children, Generations United website

Many Lights Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the pain of abuse and neglect for children living in kinship and foster care by providing them with permanent homes in a multigenerational neighborhood called Hope Lights Community. To volunteer, donate, or learn more, visit us at