Aging Your Way

Health, wealth, and happiness — we all hope for the “Big Three” as we age. And with a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, why shouldn’t seniors remain valued members of society? 

At Many Lights we believe everyone has something to offer. That’s why we’re working to build Hope Lights, a multigenerational community for children, parents, and elders.

Esther May is a senior living at Hope Meadows, a similar community in Rantoul, IL: “The more you are around the children and your neighbors, they’re all there for you and if you need something, they’re there! I’m a lot better health-wise than I was a year ago. We sit in our driveways and watch the children go by, they come up to us and say, “Hi” and they give us a hug. It’s really a wonderful life!”

Difficult to place foster children and at-risk families — all will have a place to heal and to call home at Hope Lights. Living alongside them, seniors will become honorary grandparents — a unique opportunity that keeps them connected to the community and continuing to living fulfilling lives.

Hope Lights will also be committed to the successful aging of older residents. Alongside accessible housing, older adults can expect friendship and a network of support ready to help as their physical needs change or emerge.

Like Senior Services, Many Lights is dedicated to helping older citizens stay “healthy and productive longer”. Right now we’re building the foundation of our own community — the community of people who will give their time, passion, talent and money to make Hope Lights a reality.

We can’t promise everyone the Big Three, but we’ll certainly make a powerful difference in the lives of local children and seniors.

Many Lights Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the pain of abuse and neglect for children living in kinship and foster care by providing them with permanent homes in a multigenerational neighborhood called Hope Lights Community. To volunteer, donate, or learn more, visit us at